You have to think differently and be ahead of your competitors

Clubbcart Managing Director Tarun Mullick The Statesman

  Transcript: EVEN as a child, Tarun Mullick was more into technical games rather than those involving physical labour. Perhaps that’s the reason why the founder and managing director of Clubb International had quit swimming and opted for table tennis. The next year he became the Bengal Champion. The importance of…

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From A Club(b) That Bagged Success: Corporate Front

corporate front interviews tarun mullick

Corporate Front Full Transcript:  There’s nothing soft or smooth about his marketing tactics. In fact, this former table-tennis player–he won the West Bengal junior state championship in 1975–believes in spinning his opponents out of a crowded marketplace. The result: in just seven years, Clubb International has become a major brand…

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The MSME Sector Needs Helping Hands from the Government

The Economic Times Clubbcart

The Economic Times Transcript: Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are critical to the nation’s economy. They contribute approximately 40% of India’s domestic produce, alsmost 50% of total exports and 45% of industrial employment. More importantly, they are the second largest manpower employer after agriculture. SMEs in India are mostly in…

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One-man Clubb Sets Trend

One-man Clubbcart Sets Trend

Transcript: “I have heard about him,” says Tarun Mullick, talking of his ancestors. Its’s another matter that he only has mentioned this man, seven generations removed, a rich landed man known to have been quite close to the East India Company – Nimaicharan Mullick. When he died, he left behind…

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