You have to think differently and be ahead of your competitors



Transcript: EVEN as a child, Tarun Mullick was more into technical games rather than those involving physical labour. Perhaps that’s the reason why the founder and managing director of Clubb International had quit swimming and opted for table tennis. The next year he became the Bengal Champion. The importance of playing games, he says, is that it teaches one to lose, accept failures and faults and work on them so that they are not repeated in the future. Life was never a bed of roses for him as he lost his father at age seven. There were days when he had skipped breakfast and walked all the way back home from Armenian Street after table tennis practices. Although his success in the game did bring a few job offers, he obviously had set his sights higher. Mullick invested Rs. 2500 and bought a PVC high-frequency welding machine to start off his own little adventure. Getting orders initially was difficult but the first major break happened with the ‘Power’ brand of Bata. Mullick started manufacturing sports bags for Adidas and North Star, among others. Finally, in the year 1991, he decided to launch a brand of his own by the name of Clubb. Today he can boast of a successful dealership network connecting the entire nation and exporting his products to several countries. Mullick is happily reconciled with the fact that he was cheated by many people in life and that, he says, is the reason why he is what he is today. The competition was so great that he had to keep performing all the time or perish. He respects time and tries not to waste a single second. Mullick believes in providing supreme quality products to keep the customers at Clubb International satisfied. A few days back he went to the extreme of delivering an order at 2:30 am in the morning in his own car, as there was no one else to do it. He says that he doesn’t run after money but believes in getting his due for providing quality and satisfaction to the customers. Mullick has conducted seven entrepreneurship development programmes till date for the National Centre for Jute Diversification. The programme has led to several successful ventures. To become successful, he feels, “You have to do the right thing at the right time before competition creeps in. You have to think differently and be ahead of your competitors.” He doesn’t believe in taking loans from banks and other financial institutions but feels that reinvesting the profits of the business is a much better option. That it helps sustain the business better. “Talented people invent, average people watch, while below-average people only criticise.,” says Mullick, an aphorism he belives in. He feels that that today’s generation should not remain stagnant and that they should move ahead, building a solid backbone with every step. He believes in being grateful to people who help him in any way.

 A report by Rahul Chawra of The Statesman.